Alphakronik Genes Seeds

Alphakronik Seeds is one of the cannabis seed banks that is considered a leader in this industry, offering the best quality cannabis plants for alternative medicinal treatments.

This seed bank can be found in more than 15 countries around the world and its trajectory brings an excellent publicity to all the processes of which it is in charge of the care of the seeds.

One of its original processes is to use different strains from different parents to generate genetically modified plants, making use of the most peculiar traits and thus improving their aromas or flavors exponentially.

In Alphakronik Genes the strains are cultivated in totally organic soils to take advantage of all their nutrients, without using any product that reduces their quality in the growth of the seeds.

The seeds of Alphakronik seeds are of a very high and peculiar medicinal power, as well as the original characteristics of each of the varieties they offer, making them unique and original plants.

Likewise, the seeds of Alphakronik Seeds produce large amounts of resin to make use of their extracts of CBD or THC for the most complex and necessary medicinal treatments.

Alphakronik Seeds cannabis seeds have a harvest time of up to 11 weeks, a long waiting time for a grower but with the guarantee that you will get the best medicinal potency.

The plants produced by Alphakronik have different sizes, depending on the type of cultivation and, obviously, on the chosen strain, being able to produce plants from small to big size, being the most suitable for indoor and outdoor, of any kind of areas.

In addition to all this, the aim of this bank is to deliver to its customers the seeds that satisfy them, both medicinally and recreationally.

Best Alphakronik Strains

  • Alphadawg: These seeds are of regular type with sativa predominance, they come from a Chemdawg D x Snowdawg BX genetics, being a hybrid of great quality.
  • Cheddarhead: It is a strain born from the cross between Exodus Cheese and Snowdawg 2, with sativa predominance and abundant yields of fruity flavor.
  • Sin City Kush: These are regular seeds from the cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush and Snowdawg BX, resulting in a genetics with 80% indica and 20% sativa of medicinal use that offers very good quality results.
  • Gobbstopper: Potent strain with its mind-blowing THC level of 26%.
  • Stephan Hawking Kush: High medicinal value and with a CBD:THC ratio of 5:1 !